Freelance Web Developer Melbourne

Hello, I am a web developer from Mellbourne who is looking for freelance employment in an environment that is on the cutting edge.
My desire is to be able to use my skill set in a setting where it will benefit everyone involved. I am an experienced designer and coder and have launched multi-tier web enabled applications, which left me familiarised with the latest developments in technology.
My web development background includes the use of Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Prototype,, GTW, JSP, XSLT, HTML/DHTML and XML. I have worked with databases including MySQL, Oracle and MS Access.

I have a particular expertise with the practices of software engineering and its methodologies, as well as the process of web development, the patterns of programming and the specifics of object oriented design. I also pride myself in my excellent interpersonal communication skills.

Software developer

I have a variety of work experiences which have helped me to hone my skills and refine my craft. In working as a software developer, I was involved in the design and development of a custom CRM software. I also maintained an Extranet software and engaged in the design and development of a new web application which utilised Vimeo and jsTree. The primary technologies I used during my software development experiences were JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, HTML, LESS and cross-browser CSS.

When working as a web developer, I was a participant in the design and development of Google Maps based Portlets, built for the Uni Portal project. I was also given the task of creating a Ruby on Rails based online chat service featuring usability across multiple browsers which had the capacity to handle heavy user traffic. I had involvement in the design and development of a project related to Business Process Automisation as well as a project relating to Online Election in addition to my work in the design of Oracle databases. During my time as a web developer, I primarily made use of my knowledge of Ruby, JavaScript, AJAX, Java, GWT, SQL, HTML, LESS, Cross-Browser CSS, DHTML, Google Maps and GWT.

I have also worked as an application programmer and analyst, where I designed and developed new web applications, e-commerce platforms and J2EE applications. I was involved in implementing improved algorithms which optimised web page caches in order to reduce page load time. I was involved in designing and implementing databases and also worked in the development of stored procedures as well as the optimisation of existing stored procedures. Besides web and database development, I also provided on site and remote support and helped to develop error handling mechanisms for core applications. One of my programming triumphs was an inventory manager which was hierarchical and allowed infinite items and subcategories as well as supporting cross and hot item sales. In my time as an application programmer, I also planned projects, worked in application architecture and design and trained new team members for several important projects. I made use of my knowledge of Java, JSP, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, XSLT, DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX and SHELL-scripting during this time. I have also worked as freelance web developer Melbourne for local IT companies.

I take special pride in my ability to think logically and adapt quickly to new situations and changes. I think clearly and learn quickly, making me both competent and employable.