Ruby developer Melbourne

Hello, I am a Ruby on Rails developer from Melbourne with big experience. I am specifically distinguished from other developers by my long term experience and specialisation in the rich domain of ROR. I use the model – view – controller [MVC] architecture pattern to organize application programming.

ruby developer melbourne I provide services such as, building a cutting edge ROR application, accelerating current web development by hiring additional drives to meet strict deadlines and migrating older version of Rails 2.x application to Rails -3.x. I also review the codes, carry out automated test coverage, provide long term partnership for your IT projects, and provide complete email campaign system. In addition, I provide E-commerce solutions, iPhone and android application development. I also revamp your existing applications so that it can expose API services to my mobile clients. I build the best custom software to my customers.

I am very professional, competent and experienced in work a fact that has been horned by the various services I have offered to my customers both at home and abroad. My client satisfaction is always my number one priority. It is because of this that I have managed to retain my customers for a very long period. I respond to my customers needs with immediate action to combat their various needs. My commitment to making my customers happy is second to none. That has always been my vision.

I am committed to providing services that are very superior unlike my competitors in Melbourne. Beauty has always been my weakness and that’s why I design beautiful web and mobile application. This is enhanced by the sleek lines and the shiny finishes that I make to satisfy my customers. I am a specialist in taking the other existing ROR projects that have stalled, access their current state of code base and provide with rough estimates for the highest quality products. I work on them and within a very short period of time your project gets back to work, more software stable and effective.

Ruby developer Melbourne

My Ruby solution follows the principle of least astonishment [POLA] meaning that the language I use do not confuse my users. I design a language that will be enjoyed by my users by minimizing programmer work and confusion. My Ruby features include thoroughly object-oriented with inheritance, mixins and metaclasses, dynamic typing and duck typing. Lexical closures, iterators and generators, with a unique block syntax, default arguments, built-in support for rational numbers, complex numbers and arbitrary-precision arithmetic. Four levels of variable scope (global, class, instance, and local) denoted by sigils or the lack thereof, operator overloading. Others are dynamic reflection and alteration of objects to facilitate multiprogramming, succinct and flexible syntax that minimizes syntactic noise and serves as a foundation for domain –specific languages. Such features are found nowhere else and that’s what distinguishes me from the others. That makes me the only Ruby developer Melbourne that effectively gives clients personal satisfaction.

I have impeccable mastery of the following web application areas: Social Networking, Blogs and Widget , Ad-Media, Real Estate websites with complex Google ,custom maps and Audio & Video Streaming. Others are SAAS or Hosted solution, File Encoding and Streaming, Web-Services API and Content Management System. This makes me unique from other competitors in Melbourne who only provide few and inferior services.

I am the only ROR developer in Melbourne with a combination of proven expertise in technology, an understanding of emerging business trends and deliver a range of development solutions. I as a Ruby developer Melbourne deliver the following solutions e-business, professional web site design, Vertical Search Engine, CMS and product engineering. I have done over a lot of ROR projects to date. I help you choose one of the engagement models that will best suit your requirement and provide Wireframes built by Interactive designer with inputs on usability and Interaction design. I also put together a communication plan where will be agreed upon and facilitate in environment setup activity like Staging server, GIT repository, Basecamp access and ticketing System. I am the only Ruby on Rails Developer Melbourne who cares for all your needs.